Ukraine invasion - you can help:

You can give, via the Church of Scotland, to Reformed Church in Hungary Aid (RCHA), which has access to the Reformed church in Ukraine who are using their buildings to support the people moving from east to west as they seek safety and sanctuary. They also are working in the border areas of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania using the Reformed Church contacts and buildings there.

Daily updates and Information:  

Though RCHA you can support

-      those fleeing from the east and coming to the west of Ukraine where they can be helped through the churches there;

-      those in the west already who don’t have access to their money when the banks run out and who will need food/help;

-      and those who cross the borders into Hungary, Slovakia or Romania.


You can give via this account:

Church of Scotland No 1 Account

Account no. 00134859
Sort code 83 06 08  Royal Bank of Scotland

Reference: RCHA donation

Please gift aid this if possible.

Prayer for Peace - Wed. 2nd March, 4-5pm UK Time

We can all pray for the people who are caught up in the situation and for peace in the region. You may like to join with the World Communion of Reformed Church for the ecumenical peace prayer for Ukraine on Ash Wednesday, March 2, 5-6 pm CET (4-5pm UK Time).

Please distribute the invitation as widely as possible and

register using the following link:


St Columba’s, Budapest

this Church of Scotland congregation in Budapest have opened their church and the mission centre up to give sanctuary and a place of rest to refuges as they journey through. In the centre last night were woman and children and in the church were 15 Nigerian students who had travelled solidly for 3 days to get to safety. Rev Aaron Steven and his congregation are seeking to provide a 24hour service of love and care to those that need them also. Please keep them in your prayers also.


The Reformed Church in Poland
while small, is doing what it can to support those arriving in Poland. Some Parishes are hosting refugees. One is trying to create a retreat and recovery centre for traumatised people. The congregation in Łódź, where there are already 250,000 Ukrainians living, is cooperating with a Roman Catholic foundation, and seeking to support children and students living and studying there.