Abernyte Church


Situated on the braes of the Carse, Abernyte Church commands a magnificent view across the Tay to the hills of Fife.  It is one of the loveliest of Scotland's country kirks and stands about half a mile from the village.

There has been an ecclesiastical building on this site since the 12th century.  Once a "barn like" structure, it has changed over the years.  The west gable bears the date 1673, renovations were undertaken in 1736 and, in 1837, it was extensively remodelled by Mr. Robertson, an architect with Episcopalian sympathies, resulting in the present cruciform design of the church.  The interior is striking, with its steeply pitched roof, intricate timber bracing and stained glass windows (one dating from 2007).  A lively, colourful collage depicts everyday life in Abernyte in 1996.

The graveyard has many interesting 18th century tombstones carved with the tools of the craftsmen's trades;  its variety of monuments and epitaphs make it possible to build up a picture of days gone by.

At the western end of the parish, Tinkletop Hill provides a viewpoint over the four parishes of the linkage:  it is here that a joint service for the four congregations is held early on Easter Morning (followed by a welcome cup of tea in the barn below).